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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Social Security Numbers

Verify Social Security numbers to make sure you’re hiring or renting to who you think you are! IntelSearch makes it easy to verify SSNs fast! PROTECT your business against Social Security fraud when you verify SSNs with IntelSearch Make sure you KNOW who you’re renting to with a SSN verification report that provides complete information […]


Driving Records

Stop guessing about a potential employee’s driving record and find out for sure! Don’t risk your business because of a dangerous driver! Find out NOW! Verify a job applicant’s identity with DMV driving records from 50 states KNOW who you’re hiring and be 100% sure they have a SAFE driving record Access complete DMV driving […]


Drug Testing

Don’t risk your business to the perils of employees engaging in drug use! Find out before you hire with pre employment drug screening from IntelSearch! Employment drug screening that meets Federal AND State Drug-Free Workplace requirements NIDA, DOT, and HRS certified SAMHAS approved laboratory testing to ensure 100% accuracy so you know FOR SURE IntelSearch […]


Message from the CEO

Kevin Connell Kevin G. Connell is a renowned professional background screening expert, who is recognized for his expertise on negligent hiring, embezzlement, employee theft, and resume fraud in the workplace. Connell has spoken at numerous business, security & human resources conferences, including twice providing testimony before the Florida Supreme Court. He is widely quoted, has […]


Criminal Records

Make the right hiring decision every time with background criminal checks from IntelSearch! Find out everything you need to know about a job applicant’s criminal background before hiring! IntelSearch uses the TOP criminal background check technology in the industry so you learn everything about an applicant’s criminal history Verify a job applicant’s criminal history FAST, […]


Background Check

We understand that the safety and security of your business and your employees depends on the accuracy of information within each and every background screening report. At IntelSearch, accuracy is our #1 priority — and we stand behind our word with a money back guarantee. It is our guarantee that the information on an IntelSearch employment […]