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Criminal Records

Make the right hiring decision every time with background criminal checks from IntelSearch! Find out everything you need to know about a job applicant’s criminal background before hiring!

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Don’t risk hiring the wrong employee for your business! Protect your business and your customers with background criminal checks from IntelSearch!

It is critical for businesses to perform background criminal checks for potential employees. In fact, in certain industries a customer’s very life may depend on an employer doing their due diligence. IntelSearch can help you protect your customers with a criminal record check. With a national average of past felony convictions at 4% and 7% for people convicted of misdemeanors, criminal background checks are more important than ever.

Criminal Background Check – Criminal Record Check

IntelSearch obtains criminal conviction records by county and state (where available) in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our analysis reveals that over 3% of the individual we perform background criminal checks on have a felony record, and over 7% of criminal record checks have a misdemeanor. With IntelSearch, you receive criminal record check dispositions that are clear and easy to read so you make the right hiring decision.

IntelSearch will provide you with the criminal record check you need. Contact one of our customer service representatives at (800) 689-2228 or click here to find out how to order a criminal background check today.

Note: Only law enforcement agencies with a need to know have access to the National Criminal Information Center (NCIC). Beware of any company or individual claiming to provide this type of search, as they are either providing the report illegally (if so, they bring the possibility of legal action against your company) or they are making a false claim.

Should You Hire A Person With A Criminal Background?

In these difficult economic times, more and more people are looking for a job. What about job seekers with criminal records? How can they expect to fare in the hiring process? For many individuals with this type of life history, it can be a daunting task. Likewise, for employers, it can be a risky undertaking, but IntelSearch can help. Do you make a hiring decision based on a person’s past crimes or for the person they are today?

First, let’s look at the job seeker. People with a criminal past can expect to find a double-edged sword in many cases. Employers ask about criminal records on job applications, but if applicants withhold the information they risk being fired later for being dishonest. If they are honest about their past, they risk not getting the job. The answer to whether or not an applicant should be up front is a complicated one. The best answer seems to be: know the rights of both the individual and the company in this situation.

The Basics Of Background Criminal Checks

Keeping these rights in mind may be helpful for employers and potential employees alike. First, know that some crimes committed are not required to be reported on job applications. Some states vary on this policy, so check your own state employment board for further information. One of these circumstances is when there was an arrest, but no conviction and no pending conviction.

Another situation is when an offense has gone to trial, but no decision has been made by the court yet. If there was a minor drug offense (such as recreational use of the drug) that occurred more than two years prior, the individual is not required to report that on a job application in many areas. Another type of “excused crime” is a misdemeanor with the person receiving a certificate from the court stating they have been rehabilitated.

An Employer’s Point Of View

In the past, employers have been prosecuted for not doing background criminal checks on employees who later harmed others at the company. It’s an employer’s responsibility to do full investigative work on applicants before hiring. However, if someone is found to have a record after an employee criminal background check, do you automatically decline their application?

This can be dangerous because in certain states, it is illegal to automatically reject a person’s application solely for past crimes found on a criminal record check. The key to successfully navigating this situation is to consider the type of business you run versus the type of crime that was reported on the person’s application or found in a criminal background check.

Be aware of what your job applicant has done in the past by using IntelSearch and then weigh that carefully against your specific business model to see if they’re a good fit. If it isn’t, then legally you can decline them employment if you can establish there is a business related reason for not hiring them.

The bottom line is that whenever possible, give people a chance to shine, even those who have criminal records, but don’t do it at the expense of your customers, employees, or your company’s wellbeing. At IntelSearch, we offer you accurate screening information about an applicant’s past with our background criminal checks and we can help you make the best possible hiring decisions.