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Driving Records

Stop guessing about a potential employee’s driving record and find out for sure! Don’t risk your business because of a dangerous driver! Find out NOW!

  • Verify a job applicant’s identity with DMV driving records from 50 states
  • KNOW who you’re hiring and be 100% sure they have a SAFE driving record
  • Access complete DMV driving records, including accident, speeding ticket, reckless driving, suspended license, DUI, and DWI information
  • Enforce company policies about good driving with random driving records checks from IntelSearch
  • Control insurance premium increases for employee drivers by staying on top of potential recklessness
  • Predict the possibility of negative employee patterns and work ethics with driving record checks
  • 100% accurate DMV driving records! We guarantee it!

Don’t risk experiencing the horrific problems a bad driver can cause your business when IntelSearch makes it easy to obtain driving records for employees!

MVRs are NOT public records! States must abide by the requirements set forth in the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). Due to recent developments, many states have enacted much stricter enforcement policies concerning how to obtain driving record reports.

Restrictions to get driving record reports range from requiring notarized and signed releases to making written requests by mail. Although this causes delays in obtaining the MVR records, it is not impossible with IntelSearch! IntelSearch can even get personal information when we check driving records for you – something most states no longer supply!

Check Driving Records – Obtain Driving Record

IntelSearch can obtain driving record reports on anyone from the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles. An MVR can verify an applicant’s identity and histories of accidents, speeding tickets, reckless driving, suspended licenses, DUIs, and DWIs when you check driving record reports.

IntelSearch can get driving record reports from 50 states. Contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at (800) 689-2228 to obtain driving record quotes now!

Driving Records Can Say A Lot About A Person

Knowing what’s on a person’s DMV report is often a necessary part of the hiring process. Take, for example, a job where an employee will drive children to and from school or recreational activities. Parents expect the driver’s employer has taken the time to check driving record reports before letting the employee be responsible for driving children.

In other industries, such as with government jobs, insurance adjusters, ambulance drivers, and even food delivery workers, clean driving records are an essential part of becoming and staying employed. At IntelSearch, we know when you get driving record reports, you’re doing something not only smart, but also essential to everyone’s safety!

Keeping Insurance Rates In Check

Clean driving records help control increases in insurance premiums employers pay to cover employee drivers. While the type of vehicle driven (mini-van versus sports car) and age and gender (a teenage boy versus a 55-year-old woman) play a role in policy costs, bad driving records are often the catalyst for big increases.

Making Hiring Decisions Easier

If a potential employee has a pattern of reckless driving, rear-end collisions, and other violations when you check driving records, having this information can make hiring decisions easier. Employers can decide which driving offenses are acceptable when considering whether a job applicant is a good candidate for employment.

When you get driving record reports for current employees, you may also notice the number of points on a driving report can closely reflect negative patterns and work ethics. For example, someone with many speeding violations may be habitually late to work or someone involved in a high number of accidents may have problems paying attention to details or obeying traffic laws.

While speaking with a potential employee to find out if a problematic driving record is for underlying reasons like a health condition or some other circumstance, having this important information at hand can help you make a wise hiring decision.

Encourage Good Driving

You can also get driving record reports on your current employees to help enforce your company policies about good driving. After a probationary of 90 days, check driving record reports again for a new employee. Randomly screen the driving records of other employees every few months to encourage good driving. Especially when you reward safe driving with praise or bonuses, employees won’t mind you checking up on their driving habits and it can greatly increase safe driving!

IntelSearch makes it easy to get any driving record online! Click to contact us or call our toll free number at (800) 689-2228 now to obtain driving record reports on anyone! For more information on obtaining DMV driving records, watch our online video, register for one of our webinars, or sign up for our free newsletter today!