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Drug Testing

Don’t risk your business to the perils of employees engaging in drug use! Find out before you hire with pre employment drug screening from IntelSearch!

  • Employment drug screening that meets Federal AND State Drug-Free Workplace requirements
  • NIDA, DOT, and HRS certified SAMHAS approved laboratory testing to ensure 100% accuracy so you know FOR SURE
  • IntelSearch is CERTIFIED to conduct required regular FAA and Department of Transportation employment drug screening
  • Pre employment drug screening for both the private business sector AND government agencies
  • Easy to read reports so it’s easy to make the RIGHT decision for your business
  • Medical review officer analyzed tests for the FIVE most commonly abused substances: amphetamines, opiates, cannabinoids, phencyclidine, and cocaine
  • 100% GUARANTEED accurate results or your money back

Whether your business is governmental or privately owned, IntelSearch has you covered with quick and accurate pre employment drug screening services as well as easy to read reports.

The way some people handle the stresses of daily life is to simply escape from them altogether: they get high. How does this affect your bottom line as an employer? Whether the person works behind a desk or drives a semi-truck, it is an unnecessary risk to employ people who engage in drug use.

Pre Employment Drug Screening — Drug Screening For Employment

IntelSearch is affiliated with a network of national laboratories that provide employment drug screening for legal and illegal drug usage. All testing is conducted through NIDA, DOT, and HRS certified facilities and meets current Federal and State Drug-Free Workplace requirements. Additionally, we conduct previous employment drug screening test verifications as required by the FAA and the Department of Transportation.

IntelSearch can help you set up as a Drug-Free Workplace. Call us at (800) 689-2228 to find out about drug screening for employment.

Drug Screening For Employment Is Smart For All Businesses

It used to be that employers could trust employees to come to work in a condition suitable for performing their duties, but that isn’t always the case today. We all know how tough times are right now. The economy seems to be foremost on people’s minds, but other stressors exist such as rising unemployment rates, family crises and marital issues, caring for aging parents, lack of medical insurance, and mounting debt.

Pre Employment Drug Screening

With pre employment drug screening from IntelSearch, a job applicant simply leaves a urine sample at a local laboratory. We can detect illicit drugs such as amphetamines, opiates, cannabinoids, phencyclidine, and cocaine in even the smallest amounts through a person’s urine. Some can even be traced if used as long as more than 30 days ago.

Although employment drug screening is not a requirement of most privately owned companies, they have the right to test for illegal substances. Many local and state government jobs have laws that limit or even prohibit employment drug screening in the workplace except where the job requires testing as mandated by State or Federal regulations established in 1988 under the Drug-Free Workplace Act.

It is for these reasons that employers should familiarize themselves with the proper information before putting together a pre employment drug screening program.

Federal Or State Employment Drug Screening

When employment drug screening is performed by Federal or State agencies, guidelines and standardized procedures must be followed as set forth by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

For example, a Medical Review Officer (MRO) has to analyze the tests. Another guideline in drug screening for employment is screening for the five most commonly abused substances: amphetamines, opiates, cannabinoids, phencyclidine, and cocaine. A third standard set forth by law is that a SAMHSA-approved laboratory must be used.

Private Sector Employment Drug Screening

For private employers, these guidelines are not a requirement by law, but should serve as a recommendation to ensure solid legal ground should a pre employment drug screening be challenged in court.

In the private sector, non-union companies can typically require an applicant to undergo drug screening for employment. Should drug testing programs be a part of the hiring process, employers are advised to consult a lawyer to be sure they follow State and Local laws and are prepared for any legal challenges that may arise.

In the case of a unionized workplace, all union members must be informed of the intention to require employment drug screening and then the company must negotiate with the labor union. Bargaining must be a part of the negotiation process, even when Federal law requires pre employment drug screening. This is because particular portions of policy implementation must be agreed upon prior to the drug screening for employment program being instituted.

Whether your business is governmental or privately owned, IntelSearch has you covered with pre employment drug screening services that help you make the right decision, contact us today!