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Social Security Numbers

Verify Social Security numbers to make sure you’re hiring or renting to who you think you are! IntelSearch makes it easy to verify SSNs fast!

  • PROTECT your business against Social Security fraud when you verify SSNs with IntelSearch
  • Make sure you KNOW who you’re renting to with a SSN verification report that provides complete information on a prospective tenant, including previous addresses
  • FAST, easy to understand SSN verification reports from instantly to 72 hours — no long waits to deal with
  • Don’t risk the penalties of SSN fraud — gain peace of mind when you verify Social Security numbers for all of your employees
  • IntelSearch’s powerful search technology leads the field in SSN verification
  • Verify Social Security numbers and learn a whole lot MORE, including legal name, date of birth, aliases, current and previous addresses, phone numbers, past employers, and more
  • 100% guaranteed ACCURATE information so you never have to worry

Don’t risk the penalties of hiring workers using false or stolen Social Security numbers! Find out before hiring with a fast SSN verification report from IntelSearch!

Ensuring your new employee provides you with an accurate Social Security number is more important in the hiring process today than ever before. Since everything with employment eventually breaks down to government reporting, a false or stolen Social Security Number can cause many serious problems, not just for the employee using the invalid number, but also for employers not taking the time to verify Social Security numbers before hiring.

Verify Social Security Numbers – Verify SSN

You can verify social security numbers easily with a report from IntelSearch. We verify SSNs and confirm the identity and validity of the number and its issuance by the Social Security Administration. As we verify Social Security numbers, we can also reveal other information you can cross-reference to the information provided by your job applicant, including:

  • Legal Name
  • Aliases
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Current Address
  • Phone Number
  • Previous Addresses
  • Previous Phone Numbers
  • Previous Employers
  • And More

Contact one of our customer service representatives at (800) 689-2228 to learn more about how to verify SSNs today.

Verify SSN When Hiring

In addition to knowing whom you’re hiring, employers need an accurate Social Security number for their employees for legitimate business purposes, including processing the following pertinent documents.

  • Federal W2, W4, and 1099 Forms
  • FICA Federal Social Security Taxes
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Group Insurance Enrollments
  • Retirement Account Contributions
  • And More

It’s critical to verify SSNs as a part of your hiring process and human resources management today to protect your business.

Other Reasons To Verify SSN

Whenever you want to make sure someone is whom they say they are, it’s a good idea to verify Social Security number issuance and validation. Once you verify SSN, you can also run any type of background report to really know whom you’re hiring, trusting, renting to, and more.

If you have a verified Social Security number, you can run many types of background checks, including:

  • Credit Checks
  • Criminal Records Check
  • Driving Record Check
  • Pre Employment Screening Check
  • Education Verification Check
  • Workers Compensation Check
  • License Credential Check
  • Tenant Screening Check
  • And More

IntelSearch can verify Social Security numbers to provide you with the SSN verification you need to make the right decision quickly, simply just click here click here to contact us.