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Tenant Screening

Take the guesswork out of tenant screening with reports from IntelSearch. Don’t put yourself or your other tenants at risk when knowing for sure is so simple.

  • Protect your property, your income, and your tenants by knowing exactly who you’re renting to
  • Don’t risk legal consequences! IntelSearch’s tenant screening reports are 100% Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant
  • IntelSearch requires no lengthy signup process — register and screen potential tenants in minutes
  • Uncover potentially problematic criminal and credit records from anywhere in the U.S.
  • IntelSearch offers the most comprehensive tenant screening reports in the industry
  • Evaluate prospective tenants fast — from instantly to 72 hours
  • 100% accuracy guaranteed! Your money 100% refunded if we miss any criminal or credit records

How do you know for sure the potential tenant filling out your application is who they say they are? Don’t risk making a leasing mistake when it’s so easy to find out exactly who you’re renting to with a quick and inexpensive tenant credit screening from IntelSearch today.

Evaluating potential tenants is a critical step in protecting your rental property, your tenant, and your income in addition to protecting your other existing tenants. Knowing the background of a new tenant reduces your anxiety about the unknown and give you peace of mind about handing over the keys to your property to a complete stranger.

Tenant Screening With IntelSearch

Whether you’re a landlord, property management company, or rental association, IntelSearch’s tenant screening reports can ease and expedite your rental application process. IntelSearch’s tenant screening reports make it easy to obtain background and credit information on your potential tenants. Our tenant credit reports are comprehensive, providing all of the detailed information you need to make the right decision while also being simple to read and understand.

You’ll have no worries about violating the regulations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) with IntelSearch’s tenant screening reports. Our tenant screenings and reports are fully compliant with all regulations.

Tenant Screening Reports Designed Especially For You

Whether you just want a credit check, or you’d like to have a background check including other information about your prospective tenants, IntelSearch can design tenant screening reports that match your exact needs. Also, need to confirm a previous address? Want to verify and validate a Social Security Number? Want to protect the safety of your other tenants with a criminal background check? Need references checked or employment confirmed? IntelSearch can accomplish all of this and much more!

Get Tenant Credit Reports Today

It’s easy to order tenant screening reports from IntelSearch with our secure, user friendly 24/7 order processing system and knowledgeable customer service staff that will answer your questions and ensure you understand how to evaluate your tenant credit reports and that you receive all the information you need. You’ll find current, up to date data, fast turnaround, and superior service with To receive more valuable information about tenant screening reports and background checks, watch our online video or sign up for our newsletter or for one of our webinars.

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