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Workers compensation

Don’t risk not knowing about a new employee’s past workers’ compensation claims! IntelSearch makes it easy to protect your business!

Find out what you need to know about a new employee’s past workers’ compensation claims! Be prepared with workers’ compensation knowledge before any problems occur!

  • Verify a new employee’s PAST workers compensation claims fast — from instant to 72 hours
  • KNOW who you’re hiring and be 100% sure they can do the job physically
  • Access COMPLETE workers compensation records that tell you everything you need to know about a new employee’s past claims
  • Enforce company safety policies to protect yourself and previously injured workers by identifying POTENTIALLY dangerous problems
  • Gain better CONTROL over your Workers Compensation insurance to avoid premium increases due to multiple claims
  • Predict potential problems BEFORE they happen with a workers comp background check on your new employees
  • 100% accurate! ADA compliant! We guarantee it or your money back!

Workers compensation fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem in America, so protect yourself with a workman’s compensation record check from IntelSearch. We can provide a workers comp background check on job applicants in any state. All you need is a name and Social Security Number.

Workers Comp Background Check

Released in compliance with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act, a workers comp background check provides a history of an individual’s work related injuries. Although employers can only run a workers comp background check after giving a job applicant a conditional job offer, it still gives an employer valuable information, including:

  • Dates of employee accidents
  • The nature of all injuries
  • Employer
  • Employer’s Insurance Company
  • Time lost from work
  • If the claim was upheld or denied by the state authority
  • Any job related permanent or temporary disability

Getting A Workman’s Comp Claim Check

If you’re interested in adding a workers comp background check to your employment process, look no further than IntelSearch. Especially for jobs that will require regular physical labor, it’s important to be aware of any worker’s compensation claims filed with a previous employer when evaluating a new employee and assigning job-related duties.

Not only will this make you aware of anything that may pose a future problem with the labor required for a job, but it will also notify you of any fraudulent workers’ compensation claims filed. While a workman’s comp claim check shouldn’t be your only basis for delegating duties, it’s good information to have to deal with any difficult or costly situations that occur in the future.

Not All Workers Compensation Claims Are Negative

While you want to protect your business with a workman’s compensation record check, it’s important to keep in mind that not all workers compensation claims are fraudulent or a negative sign about a potential employee. In fact, since it’s technically required by law many employers force an employee to file a workers compensation claim, even for a minor injury that caused no long-term ill effects or time off of work.

That’s why a workers compensation claim check is so important during the pre-employment screening process and why you should discuss any claims discovered during a workers comp background check with the job applicant.

Comprehensive Workman’s Comp Claim Checks

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